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United Arab Emirates (Ittihad Al Imarat Al-Arabiyah)

Capital : Abu Dhabi

Area : 82,880 Sq. Km.

Population : 2.3 Million

Language : Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu

Literacy : Literacy 79%

Religion : Islam

Currency : Dirhams $1 = 3.67 Dirhams

Per Capital Income : $ 15,900

GDP: purchasing power parity - $72.9 billion (1996 est.)

Ports and harbors: Ajman, Fujayrah, Das Island, Khawr Fakkan, Mina' Jabal 'Ali, Mina' Khalid, Mina' Rashid, Mina' Saqr, Mina' Zayid, Umm al Quwain

The United Arab Emirates is situated in the eastern part of the Arab World. It overlooks the Gulf of Oman to the east and the Arabian Gulf in the north. Hormouz strait is the link between the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf.

The United Arab Emirates consist of seven autonomous emirates in the Persian Gulf Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm-Al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. Ethnic groups Arab, Iranian, Indian & Pakistani. The first Six shekdoms signed the union agreement on 2nd December 1971, Ras Al Khaimah joined the union in February 1972.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the union is the largest of the emirates in area. Dubai is the commercial capital of the union.

Historical background

Historical discoveries shows that the UAE has an ancient history 5000 years ago, ancient civilization such as the "majan" and "melukha", florished in the land of UAE. This is quite clear from the ruins in Al Ain, Umm Al Nar, Al Qussais and Rasl Al Khaimah.

Human Activities – Agriculture, Pasture and Livestock, Shipping and Fishing, Oil Production, Trade and Industry


The climate is hot and humid along the coast and is hotter still, but dry, in the interior. Rainfall averages only 3 to 4 inches (75 to 100 millimeters) annually, with considerable fluctuation from year to year. The average January temperature is 64º F (18º C), while in July the temperature averages 91º F (33º C). Summer temperatures can reach 115º F (46º C) on the coast and 120º F (49º C) or more in the desert. In midwinter and early summer, winds known as the shamal blow from the north and northwest, bearing dust and sand.


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